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High Resolution Esophageal Manometry Catheters

Water perfused HRM catheters

MMS offers a water perfused HRM solution as water perfused manometry is a proven technique for over 15 years.
More than 100.000 manometry studies have been performed with this type of catheter. Unidirectional recording is the world standard on which all current normal values are based.

Water perfused HRM catheters offer many advantages:

  • The attractive purchase price of water perfused HRM catheters allows you to buy several catheters.
  • No risk of cancelling manometry examinations due to catheter failure, as water perfused catheters do not  break or need repair.
  • As these catheters are also autoclaveable no catheter disinfection between patients is needed, making an easy organization of disinfection / sterilization possible.
  • Catheter configurations can be designed to your clinical needs.
  • You can also add a guide wire lumen to your catheter.
  • Up to 7 Impedance channels can be added.
Water perfused HRM catheters
Water perfused HRM catheters

Solid state HRM catheters

Solid state HRM catheters offer many advantages:

  • The probe spans the entire esophagus, from pharynx to stomach.
  • Dense coverage from pharynx till stomach (spacing: 1cm).
  • No study preparations needed.
  • No calibration.
  • One connector for all pressures.
  • Changing patient positions does not change measured pressures.
  • Catheter can be cleaned in a few minutes.
  • Up to 16 Impedance channels can be added.
  • Rapid response to measure the true physiological signature.
  • Simple operation.
  • Low maintenance.

Solid state HRM catheter

Solid state HRM catheters