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Solar-Luna - Features

Advantages of ambulatory monitoring

Solar-Luna gives you the opportunity to collect ambulatory data fast, simple and patient friendly, thus enabling a more profound diagnosis. Ambulatory urodynamics is no longer complex and expensive.
  • More specific in defining detrusor activity and outlet obstruction
  • Reduction of emotional stress because of physiological filling
  • A wireless uroflowmeter can be used to perform Pressure-Flow Studies
  • Online view of recording and intermediate review of recorded ambulatory data
  • Fast downloading, analysis and presentation of all urodynamic recordings

Ultrasound bladder scanner

Scanmaster, Ultrasound bladder scannerScanmaster, a USB ultrasound ultrasound bladder scanner can be added to your system, offering an integrated solution to measure and store Initial Bladder Filling and PVR results and images automatically in the Solar database and print in the report.

Ambulatory urodynamics has never been so cost-effective and easy!

Solar-Luna - Ambulatory prolongation of conventional urodynamics!