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Solar Blue - Features

A simple, full-functional urodynamic system.
No cables, easy movement and simple cleaning!


Solar Blue requires very little space. You can use it as a table top system
but it can also be mounted on an investigation chair, an infusion pole,
a robust purpose designed stand or a wall. The result is 100% versatility and maximum convenience.

Solar Blue is the only 100% wireless urodynamic system currently available.
Wireless between Solar Blue Module and: (multiple) flowmeter(s), catheter
puller, remote control, and computer. Furthermore, the Luna module can be
added to the Solar Blue for wireless recording of Pressures and EMG.
Solar Blue


Solar Blue software is highly intuitive and logical, requiring minimal training.
The software includes an efficient patient database for easy storage and
retrieval of examination data. A purpose-designed remote control allows you
to stay close to the patient. Using just 4 buttons, the complete urodynamic
examination can be carried out by 1 person. This shortens examination time,
improves quality of the urodynamic examination, and provides greater
patient privacy.
Luna, wireless pressure recordings

Networking and HIS/EMR links

Solar Blue is designed to become part of a network. This makes it possible
to enter patient data, perform investigations and analyze results on
different PCs in diff erent locations. Furthermore it’s possible to link Solar
Blue with the Hospital Information System (HIS) / Electronic Medical Record
(EMR), for automatic patient data (demographics) import and/or export.
Solar Blue Networking

Solar Blue maximum set-up versatility

Laptop integrated
Mounted on a
robust pole
Mounted on an
investigation chair