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Luna - Classic Ambulatory Urodynamics

Luna is a very easy to use Ambulatory Urodynamic recorder which has been developed in close co-operation with practising urologists as an invaluable aid in the diagnosis of lower urinary tract dysfunctions. The system offers the possibility to measure pressures, EMG, conductance and flow during a natural bladder filling, extented over a longer period and in a less stressful environment.

Using wireless Bluetooth® technique Luna offers an on-line view of recordings. Dedicated Windows® software provides fully automated analysis of all pressure data, in combination with leakage, flow and EMG in a 24 hour study. The measured data can be read out on an personal computer and can be analysed with a special software program.

Luna is affordable and weighs less than 200 grams. Ambulatory Urodynamics has never been so easy.

Measurement & Analysis

  • Bladder Pressure
  • Urethra Pressure
  • Abdominal Pressure
  • Detrusor pressure (calculated)
  • Conductance (Automated Leak Point Pressures)
  • Flow
  • Volume
  • EMG
*also available for Solar Blue and Nexam Pro
Luna - Classic Ambulatory Urodynamics