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Video Urodynamics

Our Nexus Pro and Solar systems offer an unsurpassed range of video applications for acquiring and storing high resolution analog and digital images. Advanced image digitization combined with Solar modular design facilitates the diagnosis of swallow, urinary incontinence and defecation disorders.

Simultaneous recordings

Single video images or cine-loops are simultaneously digitized in real-time and synchronized with pressure recording. Images are digitized and stored in high resolution, without loss of data.


Digitize sequences of up to 30 images per second. Cine-loops capturing can be triggered manually or automatically through specific described events. Cine-loops can be played back at full speed or in slow motion.

Dual screen functionality

A second screen can be added to Nexus Pro for dual screen functionality. Video images/cineloops can be displayed on one screen while the urodynamic investigation is displayed on the second screen.

High resolution images

Digitize high resolution images, (up to 1249 x 1249), without the need of an expensive down converter.

Image processing software

With the image processing software, video images can be enhanced, enlarged and manipulated.


Nexus Pro video capabilities are compatible with your hospital high-resolution video network infrastructure.

Nexus Pro - Video Urodynamics