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Neuro Module

Adding Neurophysiological tests to your
Pelvic Floor Measurement System

The Neuro Module enables you to conduct neurophysiological assessments of pelvic floor dysfunction on the same system as you use for urodynamics or anorectal manometry.

With a set of pre-defined neurophysiological tests for assessing pelvic floor disorders, the Neuro Module is used in a manner that will be familiar to those already acquainted with the intelligent Solar or Nexam Pro functional diagnostic testing system. As a result you can use the same MMS patient database.

The Neuro Module allows you to study the motor innervations of the sphincters and the pelvic floor as well as the sensory innervation of the pelvic structure. A number of measurement programs are available:

  • Free Run EMG
  • Motor Nerve Conduction
  • Pudendal Nerve Stimulation
  • Sacral Reflex
Neuro Module