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Dover, NH – December 15, 2011 – Following extensive evaluation, Olympus has decided to focus on its core products and will cease distributorship of Medical Measurement Systems (MMS) urodynamic products in North America as of December 31, 2011. These products include the Solar SmartFlow, Solar Blue and Flowmaster.

Medical Measurement Systems USA Inc. will take over the distribution from Olympus (Gyrus-ACMI) and will provide sales, technical and clinical support and training to their North American customers per January 1, 2012.

Although Olympus will exit from the urodynamic capital business at the end of 2011, it will continue to sell urodynamic disposables until March 31, 2012. After that date urodynamic disposables will be delivered by MMS USA Inc.

MMS is well positioned to support Olympus’ existing customers. MMS is one of the world's leading companies in the development and distribution of medical diagnostic systems for urodynamics, gastroenterology and neurology.

In the urodynamic field, MMS is marketing a complete line of diagnostic equipment, from easy to use wireless uroflowmeters to advanced multi-channel video-urodynamic systems. The equipment is used to diagnose bladder dysfunctions, micturition disorders, urinary and fecal incontinence as well as prostate problems.

MMS products have been on the market since 1988 and since then the company has grown fast. The corporate office of MMS is located in The Netherlands. From here all products are designed and tested to comply with European and American medical safety regulations, as well as international quality standards. MMS has branch offices in the USA and Germany. Global distribution takes place through a world-wide network of more than 60 highly qualified distributors.


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