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Dynamic healthcare environments demand that staff stay current with the latest clinical procedures and technologies to deliver consistent clinical excellence, productivity, and a positive patient experience. MMS offers customized education for physicians, nurses, technicians or biomedical engineers, no matter what your level of expertise is.

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GI Motility
calendar 2015

Upcoming Training courses

Upcoming Web seminars

Esophageal HRM & Impedance-pH
October 14-16, 2015
Enschede, The Netherlands
Esophageal HRM & Impedance-pH, Enschede High Resolution Esophageal Manometry (HRM)
October 6 (Tuesday)
3.00 - 4.30 pm CEST (AMS)
Dr. Arjan Bredenoord
Get started with your GI Reflux & Motility lab
November 12-14, 2015
Izmir, Turkey
GI Reflux & Motility lab, Izmir Anorectal Manometry & HRAM
October 8 (Thursday)
3.00 - 4.30 pm CEST (AMS)
Dr. Mark Scott
High Resolution Anorectal Manometry
November 19-20, 2015
Enschede, The Netherlands
Esophageal HRM & Impedance-pH, Enschede Pediatric Impedance-pH studies
October 9 (Friday)
3.00 - 4.30 pm CEST (AMS)
Dr. Michiel van Wijk
Update Chicago 3.0 HRM & MII-pH
December 2, 2015
Taipei, Taiwan
Impedance-pH studies
October 14 (Wednesday)
7.00 - 9.00 pm EDT (NY)
Dr. Amine Hila

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