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Catheters Esophageal Manometry

MMS is supplying a full range of catheters and accessories for gastrointestinal investigations. On this page you will find just a brief overview.


  • Latitude air-charged single-use motility catheters
  • Water perfused manometry catheters and accessories
    • reusable manometry catheters
    • single use manometry catheters
    • customized catheters for research and clinical use
    • pediatric catheters
    • water pressure transducers
  • Solid state catheters
    • reusable manometry catheters
    • customized catheters for research and clinical use
    • pediatric catheters
Catheters for GI Motility 

  • Perfusion systems
    • electrically powered perfusion pumps (up to 36 channels)
    • low cost perfusion pumps
  • Other accessories
    • swallow sensors
    • respiration sensors
    • disposable and reusable EMG needle and surface electrodes
    • stimulation electrodes for the GI Neuro module

Latitude motility catheters

  Latitude motility catheters are air-charged single-use catheters for Esophageal Motility Studies and Anorectal Manometry.

The air-charged catheters use up-to-date technology to give you disposable catheters, with every sensor circumferential for improved results by eliminating anatomical irregularities. They are easy to use, very precise and comfortable for patients.

Your procedures are simplified a great deal because there are no transducers to pre-fill and prepare and there is no need to level transducers.

Accessories for GI pH & Motility - buffer solutions