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Neuro Module - Features

Measurement programs

  • Free Run EMG
  • ccEMG
  • Motor Nerve Conduction
  • Pudendal Nerve Stimulation
  • Sacral Reflex
  • Sensory Threshold


MMS offers a complete range of Neuro-diagnostic solutions to pelvic floor specialists. Modules complementary to the MMS Solar family (Solar Gold, Solar SilverSolar Smart or Solar GI) and Nexam Pro are:
1 channel High speed EMG
2 channels High speed EMG
1 channel High speed EMG, Stimulation programs
2 channels High speed EMG, Stimulation programs

Easy to use stand-alone solution

The Neuro Module can also be used without the need to invest in a anorectal manometry or urodynamic system. If requested, above mentioned configurations will come with a Solar Main Module, Patient Safety Module, Hardware Diagnostic Software and an extensive Patient Database Program. This stand-alone solution can easily be upgraded to a full blown measurement system. As a result, investments are guaranteed. Optional are a dual foot-switch (for stimulation and storage of data) and an adjustable arm to mount the Neuro Module on a cart or table. If you want more information or information about prices, please contact MMS or your local MMS dealer.
Neuro Module