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Solar GI - Features

Digital plug-and-play system measuring more than 50 channels

  • Measuring pressures, Impedance, swallow & respiration, pH and EMG.
  • Complete measurement and analysis of gastrointestinal (GI) tract motility disorders.
  • High Resolution Manometry and High Resolution Impedance (HRIM) capabilities.
  • Customized results, reports and standardized letters.
  • Quick and easy access to extensive patient data.
  • Solar GI software available in more than 15 languages.
  • Fully upgradeable with neurology, video (Swallow studies & Defecography) and networking.
  • Expandable for research studies such as TMPD, Barostat and colonic manometry.


  • 1-36 Pressure channels
  • 1-16 Impedance channels
  • 1-4 pH
  • Swallow and respiration channel
  • Multiple EMG channels
  • High frequency EMG channels
  • Neuro Stimulation
  • TMPD
  • Barostat input


UES, Esophageal body, LES, Sphincter of Oddi, Antroduodenal (small bowel), Colon, Anorectal (3D-VVP), Biofeedback

Networking and HIS

A diagnostic system hardly ever stands alone. It needs links with other hospital departments as well as the outside world. Besides extensive networking capabilities, MMS offers proven connectivity to the Hospital Information System (HIS). Retrieving patient demographics from the HIS and sending reports in PDF to the patient’s EMR. Watching an examination in real-time from another room is made possible by remote monitoring.

Solar GI - Intelligent Gastrointestinal Manometry