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Neuro Module - Features

Measurement programs

  • Free Run EMG
  • Pudendal Nerve Stimulation
  • Motor Nerve Conduction
  • Sacral Reflex
  • Sensory Threshold


MMS offers a complete range of Neuro-diagnostic solutions to pelvic floor specialists. Modules complementary to the MMS Solar GI family (Solar GI, Solar GI Compact, Solar GI HRAM) and the Solar and Nexam Pro Urodynamic Systems are:
1 channel High speed EMG
2 channels High speed EMG
1 channel High speed EMG, Stimulation programs
2 channels High speed EMG, Stimulation programs

Easy to use stand-alone solution

The Neuro Module can also be used without the need to invest in a anorectal manometry or urodynamic system. If requested, above mentioned configurations will come with a Solar Main Module, Patient Safety Module, Hardware Diagnostic Software and an extensive Patient Database Program. This stand-alone solution can easily be upgraded to a full blown measurement system. As a result, investments are guaranteed. Optional are a dual foot-switch (for stimulation and storage of data) and an adjustable arm to mount the Neuro Module on a cart or table. If you want more information or information about prices, please contact MMS or your local MMS dealer.
Neuro Module