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Orion II - Ambulatory pH recorder

Orion II is without doubt one of the most comprehensive user-friendly pH recorders available to diagnose Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and non-cardiac chest pain. Orion II is developed in close co-operation with doctors and clinicians using pH recorders on a daily basis.

Measurement and Analysis

Orion II offers up to 4 antimony channels. An additional pressure channel is also available to aid in LES location. As a result, the Orion II offers a complete range of pH studies to be measured and analyzed in a professional manner:
  • Esophageal pH
  • Gastric pH
  • Pediatric pH
  • Symptom analysis
The pH data can be analyzed according to:
  • Adult score
  • DeMeester
  • Boix-Ochoa
  • Kaye
  • Vandenplas (Infant score) 

Symptom analysis

Orion II software calculates SI, SSI, and SAP. It also provides an extremely high level of versatility without the need for technical expertise! Be assured that the easy use of this product does not compromise its function or high standard of clinical output.
Orion 2 - Ambulatory pH recorder