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Scanmaster - PC based Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

The Scanmaster is an easy to use USB 3D ultrasound bladder scanner that measures the bladder volume and Post Voiding Residual (PVR) non-invasively. The Scanmaster 3D ultrasound probe connects to any computer running a Windows operating system.

The Scanmaster is now available for daily use in hospitals. An easy to move cart is available optionally. The Scanmaster can be integrated with MMS urodynamic systems (Nexam Pro, Solar, Solar Blue), offering a total solution where PVR and bladder images are integrated in the urodynamic report.

Scanmaster can also be added to Flowmaster (a wireless uroflowmeter), for integrated PVR measurement and automatic storage of the results.

  • Measures bladder volume and Post Void Residual (PVR)
  • Evaluates the need to catheterize