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Luna - Catheters

Complete range of Aircharged catheters

T-DOC Air-charged Catheter   Aircharged catheters

Complete range of water perfused catheters

Water catheters can be used to perform pressure measurements in bladder and rectum. The bladder catheter has one pressure sensor for measuring pressures in the bladder (Pves). A double lumen abdominal catheter is used for measuring the abdominal pressure (Pabd).
The catheters are connected to the Luna via external pressure transducers. A special belt with a holder for the transducers is provided.
T-DOC Air-charged Catheter   Example of belt with water transducer holder 

Complete range of microtip catheters

MMS has a complete range of microtip catheters for use with Luna. Even small sizes like 3 or 4 French for children are available.
MMS can offer microtip catheters from Frenchsizes 3 up to 9   Microtip catheters (3-9 French)
Luna - Classic Ambulatory Urodynamics