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Biofeedback is a technique where 'bio' logical information about a normally unconscious physiological process is 'fed' back to the patient as a visual or auditory signal. All Solar and Nexam Pro systems can offer a Biofeedback software program where signals from the lower urinary tract and pelvic floor muscles are measured and displayed real-time to the patient. Biofeedback training develops a beneficial and conscious control over these body processes.

Besides the normal screen with examination curves and parameters, MMS offers special animations and scenes for pediatrics and adults such as a sea world, forest or a simple background with a challenge where obstacles have to be passed.

The results of each Biofeedback study are stored in the Solar or Nexam  database together with other pelvic floor investigations done on the same patient. One database, one system for both Urodynamics and Biofeedback studies. There is no need to use two separate systems.

The Biofeedback option can also be used for normal Uroflowmetry for children. When a flow was measured, the biofeedback results will be similar to the results of an Uroflow study.

Biofeedback can react on one pressure channel, 2 EMG channels, one flow channel or a combination of channels:
  • Flow channel
  • Pressure channel
  • 2 EMG channels
MMS Biofeedback software screen