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High Resolution Manometry (HRM)

High Resolution Manometry (HRM) is a new approach of measuring pressures in the gastrointestinal tract and presentation of the results. This method consists of measuring multiple pressures simultaneously. This allows detailed assessment of all relevant data for the whole esophagus or anal sphincter. Besides the conventional displays, rapid data interpretation via Clouse contour plots can be established.

Clinical applications of HRM

High Resolution Manometry can be used to measure peristalsis in the esophagus (HRM) and to assess the apparatus and defecation provided by the anal sphincter (HRAM). HRM can also be combined with impedance measurement (HRIM) and/or video images and cineloops to view the swallows and bolus movement in the esophagus. HRM solutions for antroduodenum, small bowel and colon have been made available by MMS.