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Get started with your GI Reflux & Motility diagnostic lab

2-day course of Laborie/MMS & EGE University

Date Workshop: September 13-14, 2018
EGE University, Izmir, Turkey

Laborie/MMS and EGE University would like to invite you to a practice-based course in how to set up and manage a diagnostic lab specialized in the assessment of the GI function. The course includes lectures on swallowing and motility disorders, reflux symptoms, and anorectal continence problems. Live patient examinations will illustrate the ease-of-use and clinical value of the available diagnostic tests. Finally, a variety of treatments will be discussed.

After the course participants are motivated and able to start with GI Reflux and Motility Diagnostics.

Target audience
Physicians and other health care professionals with no or basic knowledge of esophageal motility and reflux, interested to start a GI Reflux & Motility diagnostic lab.

Course highlights

  • Management of a GI lab / Space & personnel
  • Patient groups / Symptoms & disorders
  • Diagnostic & disinfection equipment
  • Catheters & accessories
  • Procedure duration & costs
  • Diagnostic tests - Ease of use
  • Treatments - medication, surgery, biofeedback
  • pH & Impedance-pH Reflux monitoring
  • High Resolution Esophageal Manometry (HRM)
  • High Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM)
  • Live patient examinations
  • Basic analysis & normal values
Course Directors
Arjan Bredenoord Prof Serhat Bor
Professor in Gastroenterology,
EGE University Faculty of Medicine
Izmir, Turkey
Arjan Bredenoord Prof Dr Med Radu Tutuian
Professor in Gastroenterology,
Bürgerspital Solothurn
Solothurn, Switzerland
Arjan Bredenoord Prof Francois Mion
Professor in Gastroenterology,
Edouard Herriot Hospital
Lyon, France

Further information
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