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Esophageal HRM & Impedance-pH Course

Date 2018: May 16-18
Location: Laborie Training Center in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Laborie is pleased to offer the 17th edition of the practice-based course on upper GI function testing, with the emphasis on esophageal High Resolution Manometry (HRM) and 24-hour ambulatory Impedance-pH monitoring. Course directors are Arjan Bredenoord (MD) and Jac. Oors (RN).

To gain knowledge of upper GI function testing, through understanding the theoretical workings of these tests and their practical applications. To become more acquainted with the Laborie/MMS measurement systems.

Target audience
Physicians, nurses and other health care professionals with basic knowledge of esophageal motility and impedance-pH reflux examinations.

Course highlights
  • Basic principles of, and indications for upper GI function testing
  • Live demonstrations of HRM and Impedance-pH test procedures
  • Test protocols and analysis of results
  • Clinical Interpretation of findings, normal values and important publications
  • Case discussions, e.g. patient cases with achalasia, distal esophageal spasm, reflux symptoms, belching, and other abnormalities
  • Hands-on practice in editing and report generation
  • Hands-on practice in using the Laborie/MMS systems and catheters
  • Systems Troubleshooting 'What to do when things go wrong'
  • Participants are encouraged to present their own patient cases followed by discussion
Course directors
Arjan Bredenoord Arjan Bredenoord MD
Assoc. Prof. Department of Gastroenterology,
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC),
The Netherlands

Jac. Oors RN
Motility Center,
Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology,
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC),
The Netherlands

Further information
The maximum attendance for this training course is 24 participants.
For more information, please use the 'Yes, I’m interested button'
or call +31 53 4803700 or e-mail

Impedance-pH measurement